New Zealand: part one

Oh, New Zealand. Where do I start? I’ve had so many adventures in this beautiful country that I’ll have to divide this into multiple posts. I’ve travelled to NZ multiple times and I can happily say that it never gets old – even accounting the 14 hour flight it takes to get here! So anyway, here’s part one.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve always had a passion for travelling. Though, I must admit, I never would have imagined travelling to New Zealand. Lucky for me, my path crossed while living in Kingston with a Kiwi boy I met. He was so intriguing and we ended up kindling a beautiful relationship together. It’s him I have to thank for developing enough courage to start travelling solo. My first stop was, you guessed it, New Zealand – to visit my partner.

My first few days in New Zealand were a whirlwind, but everything about it was perfect, and I couldn’t have imagined a better city to be my first stop in this beautiful country. It wasn’t long after this that my partner and I ventured off on our road trip around the South Island where we stopped at places including: Queenstown, Milford Sound, Nelson, Picton and much more.

My first holiday in New Zealand was definitely one to remember. By the end of the trip, I had begun fantasizing how wonderful it would be to move here and stay here for a longer set of time. It wasn’t until I had spent some time in Wellington that I had realised it was where I could see myself setting up camp. I’m going to set up a few pages with a summary of each of the cities I’ve travelled to during this trip. The links will appear below. Stayed tuned!

Exploring the South Island